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Explore M5 Mailer

Take the bulk out of email! TM

Use your own data
Personal email merge
Send individual email
HTML and/or text
Handy email templates

Explore M5 Subscriber

Web-based list management made simple!

Simple subscribe tool
Opt-in confirmed
Track reads and clicks
Custom matching look
Free for up to
        5000 contacts


PopMonger Help Contents

Welcome - Mach5 PopMonger. Checking, choosing, and acting on your email. However you want.

Getting Started and general program operation
Program Menus, registration, opening and saving projects
Table of Contents

Mailboxes - settings, timing of checking, and active / inactive mailboxes

Add a Mailbox
Edit a Mailbox
Delete a Mailbox

Tasks - basic settings, add and removal, Tasks tab options

Add a Task
Edit a Task
Delete a Task
Duplicate a Task
Task order
Show Task For..
Task Settings

   -Task Wizard - setting up common tasks

Manage Message Failures
Manage Unsubscribe Requests
Manage Subscribe Requests
Manage Subscribe Requests with Confirmation
Custom Tasks

   -Task Rules - match an email to a description

Add a Rule
Edit a Rule
Delete a Rule

   -Task Actions - decide what PopMonger does with your email

   -Task Examples

Autoresponders and Vacation Messages


Scripting - PopMonger Gold supports scripting to allow any programmable action

JavaScript and JScript example scripts
PHP example scripts
Visual Basic example scripts
Survey Handling

Run as Service - run PopMonger as a service under Windows2000/XP/2003

General Information - background information on email, list management, and the internet

List Management - helpful information on managing email lists
Mailbox Type - quick explanation of types of Email on the web.

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