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Getting Started with PopMonger

PopMonger is a tool for processing inbound email.  You can use it for a wide variety of tasks, but the most common newsletter-management tasks have wizards to help you set up your inbound email processing.

PopMonger takes a set of mailboxes and periodically scans them for email matching a set of rules, and then applies an associated action to each message when it matches the rules.

It does basically what you might do in checking your own email:

  1. Check your email box and look at each message
  2. See what the message is for by examining: the address it was sent to, the subject line, who it is from, and the message content
  3. Depending on what the purpose of the message is, do something with the email


The first step in setting up mail processing involves a little bit of planning.  You need to work with your email provider to set up any necessary dedicated email boxes and email aliases or forwards to provide the addresses you want to provide.  Since you can forward or redirect email from many addresses, you can have PopMonger check just one box.  Or, you can have PopMonger check different mailboxes each with messages in it specific to a particular purpose.

Most of those you communicate with will find it simplest if they don't have to deal with several email addresses, so we don't advise having a separate email box for processing unsubscribe requests, for example.

Whatever mailbox you want to use, you should make sure that it either gets checked manually every now and then after PopMonger is done, or that you set up PopMonger to forward any mail that doesn't get processed to a different address so that you can respond to it personally.

This blend of providing automated management along with personal availability makes PopMonger a powerful tool to help you provide personal service to your constituents without having to deal with the inconvenience of handling large volumes of stuff that can (and should) be handled automatically.

Adding and Setting Up Mailboxes

After you're done planning, you can add Mailboxes to PopMonger and set them up.  You can read more about the steps to do that here and in the associated help links in PopMonger.


PopMonger's menus are pretty simple.  Basically, you can load and save configurations to do different jobs if you like.  Or, you can have all your jobs in one configuration.  The configurations are stored as XML files in case you need to edit them manually.

Command Line Operation, Auto Start, and Running PopMonger as a Service

If you launch PopMonger with the /t option, it will automatically start running and hide itself in your task bar.  This way you can have it running for you in the background.  You may also run PopMonger as a windows service within Windows 2000/XP/2003.   Full instructions on doing this are located here.

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