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VBScript with PopMonger

The class definitions for VBScript are:


  object Popmonger
Public Property HeaderText
Public Property BodyText
Public Property MessageText
Public Property FailedAddress
Public Function HeaderField (sHeader_name)
Public Function Field (iFieldNumber)
Public Property FieldsCount
Public Function MIMEPart (iPartNumber)
Public Property MIMEPartsCount
Public Function RedirectMessage ("sTo_address1,To_address2,To_address3")
Public Function ReplyWithText (sFrom_address, sSubject, sReply_text)
Public Function SendMail (sFrom_address, sTo_address, sSubject_text, sBody_text, sEx_headers)
Public Function SaveToFile (sFile_name, sText_to_save, bIsAppend)

VBcript Examples:

  • Insert into Access

    • Insert into Access

      This script will insert an entry from PopMonger into a MS Access database using VBScript:


      Dim dbLocation 'Location of our Access database file
      Dim sSQL 'Our SQL query
      dbLocation = "C:\database.mdb"
      Set objADO = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") 'Create an ADO connection to a database

      objADO.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" & dbLocation 'Open the database
      sSQL = "INSERT INTO table1 ( field1 , field2 ) VALUES('" & popmonger.Field(0) & "' , '" & popmonger.Field(1) & "')" 'Set our SQL query
      objADO.Execute( sSQL ) 'Execute this SQL query

      Set objADO = Nothing


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