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Mailbox Types

PopMonger 3 supports three Mailbox types: POP, IMAP, and MAPI

  • POP - Post Office Protocol
  • A POP mailbox is the most common type of email mailbox. If you have an email account with your ISP, chances are it's a POP mailbox.  POP email is stored on the remote server until you download it to your computer. At this point, the email is usually deleted from the server, though there are settings to allow the mail to remain on the server for a set number of days.  POP email is great for home users, or people who usually check their email from one computer. If you are constantly checking your email from differnet machines, POP email can become a hassle as some messages will be downloaded onto one machine, but not another. This brings us to the next standard.

  • IMAP - Internet Message Access Protocol
  • An IMAP mailbox is commonly used by road warriors and other mobile professionals. All email within an IMAP mailbox is stored on, and only on, the remote email server. This allows users to check their mail form many different computers without having to worry about mail disappearing from their account, as it would with a POP mailbox when downloaded to the local computer. IMAP email accounts are not nearly as common as POP accounts. With all of the mail stored on a remote machine, your ISP or mail provider has to provide enough disk space to save ALL of your email. With disk space at less of a premium (think Google's giant email storage capability), IMAP accounts are quite feasible. Still, few ISP's offer them

  • MAPI - Messaging Application Programming Interface
  • MAPI is not a mailbox standard. It is the protocol which Microsoft developed to allow applications to use email features within windows. It is also the interface which allows programs to communicate with a Microsoft Exchange server. MAPI is predeominantly used in large corporate environments. All of the mail is stored remotely as it is with IMAP, again, most commonly on a Microsoft Exchang server.

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