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FastStats Log Analyzer: Quick and Affordable web site statistics through log file analysis

Your log files are a gold mine of information about not only your web site, but your business. Understanding your web site traffic patterns -- seeing your web site through your potential customer's eyes -- is key to improving your business. Web server log files give you a view into your customer's activity and can help you tune your web site to acquire new customers. FastStats Log Analyzer is a powerful, quick, and inexpensive way to sift through gigabytes of logs and produce easy-to-understand summaries of your web site traffic.

FastStats Log Analyzer can help you answer the following questions:
Is my CPC advertising profitable?
Are you spending $0.75 per click on your Google advertising, but only receiving $0.56 per click in revenue? FastStats is designed to help you determine your revenue per click, which you can use to price your Google advertisements.
How can FastStats help me track my CPC revenue?
How "sticky" is my site?
Are your potential customers getting lost in the clutter? Which pages on your web site are the most effective or the least effective at retaining customers?
Use FastStats to help improve your site stickiness
Visualize how traffic moves through your web site:
Use FastStats' Hyperlink Tree View to graphically see how customers move through your web site.
See a demo of the Hyperlink Tree View

40x Faster Than the Industry Leader

FastStats is aptly named, and can process logs 40x faster than WebTrends, the industry leader (read about our benchmark testing). FastStats's speed is crucial; a busy web site can generate several hundred megabytes of log files in a single day. FastStats' speed is an asset, and frees you to analyze, tweak the analysis parameters, and re-run the analysis process, all before our competitors would have generated their first report.

Learn more about how FastStats smokes the competition 


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"FastStats lives up to its name with startlingly fast processing."

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