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 Once you have added an Email Mailbox to PopMonger, you need to create a Task. PopMonger executes one or more tasks on every message read from a mailbox. Think of them as PopMonger's ToDo list. Without them, PopMonger wil check your email inboxes, but will not have anything to do!
 Each Task applies to single mailbox. Tasks are executed in the order they are listed. You may change the order of the tasks by using the up and down arrows to their right.

There are four buttons for Tasks on the tab: 'Add', 'Edit', 'Delete', and 'Duplicate'
and a 'Show Tasks For' drop-down box.
  • Add a Task - Creates a new task and opens the Task Wizard
  • Edit a Task - Opens the Edit Task window. All settings created by the Task Wizard can be modified here.
  • Delete a Task - Deletes a task after confirming the delete.
  • Duplicate a Task - Creates an exact copy of the selected task.
  • Show Tasks For - Allows you to display the Tasks associated with each Mailbox, or all Mailboxes.

  • Each Task Consists of Three Components


      The Settings component of a Task contains its most basic features: the Task Name, what Mailbox the Task applies to, and whether the Task is Active or Inactive.  See Task Settings


      Rules determine what messages a Task will apply to. You can have one or more Rules per message Task. Rules can be set where all of them must be met for a Task to apply, or where any single Rule must be met for a Task to apply.  See Task Rules


      Popmonger can execute numerous actions if a given set of rules matches a message. For more information, see Task Actions

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