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PopMonger Scripting Details

With a PopMonger Gold license, included with all paid versions of Mach5 Mailer, Popmonger gains built-in scripting capabilites to handle inbound email in complex ways.

You can script your inbound email handling with VBScript, JScript, or PHP. Please Note: All scripts can start and end with Mailer's scripting delimiters: <? and ?>. As of PopMonger 3, this is no longer necessary for VBScript and JScript scripts, but is generally conventional for PHP.

For each language, PopMonger provides a predefined context variable that makes a number of functions and properties conveniently available to you, as well as the entire contents of the email message. This information comes through the PopMonger object, which PopMonger initializes for you before executing your script.

The class definitions for JScript, PHP, and VBScript are:


  class object Popmonger
String HeaderText;
String BodyText;
String MessageText;
String FailedAddress;
String HeaderField(String sHeader_name);
String Field(int iFieldNumber);
int FieldsCount;
String MIMEPart(int iPartNumber);
int MIMEPartsCount;
void RedirectMessage(String "sTo_address1,To_address2,To_address3");
void ReplyWithText(String sFrom_address, String sSubject, String sReply_text);
void SendMail(String sFrom_address, String sTo_address,
String sSubject_text, String sBody_text, String sEx_headers);
void SaveToFile(sFile_name, sText_to_save, bIsAppend);


  class object Popmonger
string HeaderText;
string BodyText;
string MessageText;
string FailedAddress;
string HeaderField($sHeader_name);
string Field($iFieldNumber);
int FieldsCount;
string MIMEPart($iPartNumber);
int MIMEPartsCount;
void RedirectMessage("sTo_address1,To_address2,To_address3");
void ReplyWithText($fsFom_address, $sSubject, $sReply_text);
void SendMail($from_address,$sTo_address,$sSubject_text,$sBody_text,$sEx_headers);
void SaveToFile($sFile_name, $sText_to_save, $bIsAppend);


  object Popmonger
Public Property HeaderText
Public Property BodyText
Public Property MessageText
Public Property FailedAddress
Public Function HeaderField (sHeader_name)
Public Function Field (iFieldNumber)
Public Property FieldsCount
Public Function MIMEPart (iPartNumber)
Public Property MIMEPartsCount
Public Function RedirectMessage ("sTo_address1,To_address2,To_address3")
Public Function ReplyWithText (sFrom_address, sSubject, sReply_text)
Public Function SendMail (sFrom_address, sTo_address, sSubject_text, sBody_text, sEx_headers)
Public Function SaveToFile (sFile_name, sText_to_save, bIsAppend)

NOTE: Sending messages from within Popmonger requires a licensed copy of Mach5 Mailer. The Gold, Regular, and Free versions of Mach5 Mailer all meet this requirement. The unregistered Trial version does not. Go back to top of page

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