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Explore M5 Mailer

Take the bulk out of email! TM

Use your own data
Personal email merge
Send individual email
HTML and/or text
Handy email templates

Explore M5 Subscriber

Web-based list management made simple!

Simple subscribe tool
Opt-in confirmed
Track reads and clicks
Custom matching look
Free for up to
        5000 contacts


PopMonger Logging

PopMonger 3 creates a log of all of its operations. This file is saved internally, but you can save it to the location of your choice quite simply. Click the Browse button, choose where you would like to save the log file, and name the file descriptively.
Ex. Save location: C:\   Filename: PopMonger Log.txt

You may choose a different log file and location for each of your PopMonger projects.

PopMonger Logging Feature

Clicking the View log file button will open the log file in the default Text File viewer on your computer.

Clicking the Clear log button will clear the Logging window within Popmonger and, if you have selected a location to save the text log file, give you the option of clearing this file as well

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