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Explore M5 Mailer

Take the bulk out of email! TM

Use your own data
Personal email merge
Send individual email
HTML and/or text
Handy email templates

Explore M5 Subscriber

Web-based list management made simple!

Simple subscribe tool
Opt-in confirmed
Track reads and clicks
Custom matching look
Free for up to
        5000 contacts



PopMonger3 supports POP3, IMAP, & MAPI mailboxes, and SSL encryption.

There are three buttons for Mailboxes on the tab. 'Add', 'Edit', and 'Delete'.
  • Add a Mailbox
  • Edit a Mailbox
  • Delete a Mailbox
  • PopMonger Mailboxes

    In the 'Mailboxes' tab, you will see the status of each mailbox, when it was last checked, and when it will be checked again.  
    Right clicking on a mailbox will give the option of Disabling/Enabling it or checking that specific mailbox.
     Disabling a mailbox is the same as making it Inactive.

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