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Do you provide information technology or internet services to clients?

Being an Affiliate Can....

  • Earn cash for sales of all Mach5 software, both Analyzer and Mailer, through one account
  • Provide your clients, contacts, or visitors with a discount
  • Give your customers a referral to the best software for their money
  • show Real-time order statistics and accounting - and see revenue per visitor also if you use our cookie link
  • Get you a link-back from our site to yours, automatically, as long as you've had a sale in the past 6 months
  • Direct all future online sales from a customer to you. You'll get credit for upgrade sales, too!

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

  • Conventional web marketing
  • Word of mouth discount coupons that help promote your business
  • Suitable for email and newsletter promotion
  • Effective face-to-face client referrals are also easy

Sell our Software and earn a 30% or more commission on each sale!

The Mach5 Development Affiliate Program lets you transform your site's visitors into a source of income. All you have to do is provide customers with a 10% off discount coupon code. We also provide a link you can use to put on your site that will place the coupon code in yoru site visitor's browser, so that when they place their order, your coupon code will appear automatically.

There are absolutely no setup or upfront fees. It takes less than a minute to sign up, and you are ready to sell once we approve your account.

What does 30% or more mean? What commission will I get?

That depends upon what arrangement you work with us and how you will promote and distribute our software. Our commission is up for negotiation. If you can link to our site from yours, or if you are a consulting firm or service provider whose customers are going to come to you first for support, the commission may be higher. 30% is our base commission for sales referrals.

What is Mach5 Mailer? Why should I sell it?

Mach5 Mailer is like a Microsoft Word for e-mail; it merges the contents of database to an e-mail message. It has powerful advanced features that make creating exciting, targeted messages easy and fast. It allows businesses to easily communicate with their customers or individuals who have "opted-in" to be contacted by that business.

(NOTE: Mach5 Mailer is NOT intended to be used for "spam email." We created the product to communicate with our own customers and have built-in features to prevent its use for spam. Please see the Mach5 Development spam policy for more information.)

What is FastStats Analyzer? Why should I sell it?

FastStats Analyzer is, officially, a 'web traffic analysis tool'. It analyzes the log files produced by web servers and produces valuable sales, marketing, and technical data. FastStats Analyzer is acknowledged to be one of the best web traffic analysis tools available, and has won a variety of awards, including a 5 star rating from ZDNet's Hotfiles.com and a 5 cow rating from Tucows.com. FastStats Analyzer is a must-have tool for any Webmaster.

FastStats is a great tool for doing quick what-if analysis when you need it, without all the site loading overhead of a javascript hosted analysis tool.

How does the affiliate program work?

You sign up through our sales channel BlueSnap. After your application is approved, Then we assign a coupon code to work with your BlueSnap affiliate account and design your referral links with the embedded coupon. When we send the order to BlueSnap, we pass that coupon code along so that the customer can get a discount.

You can sell through bluesnap directly, but if you link to our site with your coupon code on the URL you have some advantages:

  • The cookie expires after a year. That's right... it stays around up to a full year. We don't limit sales referrals to those made in the first month or something silly.
  • Your customer sees on the URL that they are getting a discount.
  • We fill in the discount code for them from the cookie whenever they purchase through our site! They don't even have to remember it.
  • BlueSnap automatically associates the coupon code with your affiliate account. We suggested this feature for them, and they thought it was a great idea!

What about users who don't accept cookies? Are any sales excluded?

You don't have to put our cookie on your visitor's browser. When your customers use your discount code, you're credited for the sale. Of course, if you do use our link to put a our cookie on your visitor's browser, then when the customer orders, we fill in the coupon code for them.

We do offer deeper discounts to nonprofits, and if the customer uses our nonprofit coupon instead, you'll still receive credit if the proper bluesnap affiliate cookie is still in the customer's browser.

What should I put on my web page?

You can copy information off of our FastStats Analyzer web page, or our Mach5 Mailer page, write your own opinion of our products, or you can just place a button on your web page. You can use any number of our buttons and logos. And, of course, you should mention your discount code!

We do ask that you put a link somewhere on your website to our site. It doesn't have to be anywhere hugely popular or even visible. If you link to us, and register your URL with us, we'll link to that page too. The built in link exchange signifies our relationship and benefits both of us.

Are there any rules on how I should sell your products?

We do want to preserve the professional image of our software, so we carefully screen all potential affiliates. You can sell Mach5 Development products however you like, provided you are honest and do not use deceptive marketing practices. Deceptive marketing practices include sending 'spam' mass e-mail, falsifying pricing,  or misleading customers. We reserve the right to disable your Affiliate Program membership at any time and send you the balance of your account. Here are our complete terms.

Some examples of things we don't particularly like to see:

  • Get rich quick on the internet promotions
  • Sites that feature or also advertise adult entertainment or gambling
  • Email harvester and spam software promotions
  • Email lists for sale
  • Network marketing schemes
  • One million opt-in fresh email deals

We just don't particularly want our software associated with these kinds of business ventures.


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