Mach5 Development Spam Policy

Mach5 Mailer was developed to meet a need here at Mach5 Development - to easily send e-mail to registered customers and inform them of product news or updates. Use of Mach5 Mailer as a spamming will not be tolerated. If proof is found that a customer has used Mach5 Mailer to send spam, they will be denied all future technical support and free upgrades. If you believe someone has been sending spam using Mach5 Mailer, please e-mail [email protected]. However, because Mach5 Development also has the duty, as a software vendor, of providing support to its paying customers, support and upgrade privileges will not be revoked upon mere suspicion - there must be tangible evidence that this customer has been engaged in spamming. Mach5 Mailer adds the following header to any e-mail messages sent with it: X-Mailer: Mach5 Mailer v1.x... If two or more e-mails with this header present are forwarded to [email protected], then the customer's privileges will be revoked.

It is Mach5 Development policy that no copies of Mach5 Mailer will be knowingly sold to anyone identifying themselves as part of or associated with with any known mass e-mail sending corporations.