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Setting up to be a Mach5 Affiliate

After you have signed up and selected your discount code, please go ahead and get your promotional pages or materials together. We would like to look at these before approving your account, and we do review our affiliates from time to time to make sure everything is working properly.

Choose how you will market our software:
        - Direct or Indirect Web Marketing
        - By client referral
        - In newsletters or via email
        - Linking to our site, and providing a download URL

Direct or Indirect Web Marketing

By far the most common way to participate, web marketing requires little work on your end after setup. Make sure you get links set up properly first, however! You can position your promotion to be visible to everyone and market your sales through your website directly, or you can use your web promotion page as a service to specific clients as an indirect resource.

Graphics and Buttons to use

You can copy information off of our FastStats Analyzer web page, or our Mach5 Mailer page, write your own opinion of our products, or you can just place a button on your web page. You can use any number of our buttons and logos. And of course, you should mention your discount code!

Linking to our site, and providing a download URL

If you would like to provide links to our site, you can do so directly. If your promotion page places a cookie on the user's browser as above, by loading a small graphic through the affiliate cgi script, then you can just link directly to our site. We like this, because it increases our page ranking with search engines. And since we provide you with a linkback on our affiliate information page, we are doing the same for you too!

We'll place the affiliate cookie for you, and we'd prefer that you link directly to us and let us place the cookie (so that we can benefit from your link to us in search rankings). Where should you link? Anywhere on our site is fine, but we may change our site from time to time. So it's a good idea to link to a smaller subset of places. Here are some main entry pages that are good to link to:

Linking for cookie tracking of referrals

We recommend that you put some html code on your web page itself that will make sure you get credit for an affiliate sale, regardless of whether the visitor clicks on a link to our site or not. That way, even if they order through us much later, you may still get credit for the sale. To do that, simply load up a graphic on your website through our redirection script. Here's the code that you can cut and paste to do that. Make SURE and change MY-AFFILIATE-KEY to be whatever affiliate key you used when you signed up. It is also important to check whether the graphic loads properly - if it loads, then the key is a good key. The redirect script will not pass through the correct URL if the key is bad.

Code for getting credit for sale:
(Replace MYGRAPHIC.GIF and MYSITE with the URL to your graphic on your page and MY-AFFILIATE-KEY with your affiliate key..)

Linking directly to the purchase form

If you wish to link directly to the "buy" page of Mach5 Analyzer or Mailer, you can also do that. Make sure, when you do this, that you place the affiliate key and the discount code on the purchase URL.

If you replace MYDISCOUNTCODE with your discount code and MY-AKEY with your affiliate key in the links below, you can link directly to the Mailer or Analyzer purchase pages. You must be very sure you get the affiliate key correct, however, because the order page will not give you feedback if it is not correct. Of course, if you use a coupon discount code, any associated affiliate key with that code will take precedence.

For Analyzer:

For Mailer:

Client Referral

Another way to generate sales is by word-of-mouth referral. If you are a consultant or if you regularly come in contact with individuals who may find our software useful, feel free to pass along the discount code for them to use. All they need to do is enter the discount code on the order form and you will receive credit for the sale.

If you are regularly engaged in these types of referrals, you may find a support web page useful, with the purchase links on it directly.

Newsletters and Email promotion

If you want to promote Analyzer or Mailer through email or through a newsletter, feel free to do so. Just make sure that the people receiving the email are expecting to receive an email from you. We do not want any of our software associated with unsolicited email under any circumstances.

However, putting your affiliate link in an email publication is perfectly acceptable within the no-spam constraint. You should link to your promotional page through our cookie script so the reader's browser is marked with the cookie for the sale allowing you to receive credit for the sale even if the reader purchases the software at a later date.

To link to your own promotional page, use this URL, where MY-PROMO-URL is the address for your own promotional page with information about our software on it:


Or you can email out a link that goes to specific Mach5 pages:

  Mailer: http://www.mach5.com/products/mailer/?akey=MY-AFFILIATE-KEY

    Analyzer: http://www.mach5.com/products/analyzer/?akey=MY-AFFILIATE-KEY


What should I put on my web page?

Please feel free to promote the software in any way you see beneficial to your clients. You may use any graphics from our website and you may copy any materials from our site and documentation for this purpose. You can copy information off of our FastStats Analyzer web page, or our Mach5 Mailer page, write your own opinion of our products, or you can just place a button on your web page. You can use any number of our buttons and logos.



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