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Discount Code and Marketing Details

Before you sign up for our affiliate program, please decide on what discount promotional code you would like to use.

What does the Discount Code do?

  • Provides a 10% off discount to your clients or customers. The customer can enter the code directly on our purchase page, but you can also link to our purchase page and have the code filled out on there for them.
  • Opens up viral marketing. More importantly, because you can choose whatever code you want, the customer can share the code with others, and in so doing, not only pass the discount along, but also promote your own business. Your clients can see the discount as a benefit that you provide for them for service, whether you are in consulting, web marketing, or any other traditional form of technology business where our software may be useful.

What discount code to choose?

Your discount code should promote your site, not our software. The people who use it should associate your company or website with your code. You can pick virtually any code you wish. For instance, if your business is the A1 Web Marketing Consulting Group, INC., you could pick a discount code such as "A1 Web Marketing" or if your website is a1webmarketing.com, you can even use your web address as your code: "a1webmarketing.com"

A bad discount code would be one that is generic, such as "marketing," or something that doesn't pertain to your business, such as "cheapnow", or something related to our company, such as "FastStats" or "Mach5." Please do not choose these kinds of discount codes. If your code is not unique and appropriate, we'll have to get back to you to clarify what you want to do and choose a new code.

You can have more than one. Just let us know if you need more than one code.

Proceed to sign up!


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