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Becoming an Affiliate:
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Signing up for our Affiliate Program

1. Sign up at BlueSnap for an affiliate account.

Enter in your new account information, or if you already have a BlueSnap affiliate account, just log in.

2. Add Mach5's products to your offerings.

Go to your BlueSnap product catalog, and search for "mach5". Then add the resulting products to your offerings.

3. We will (hopefully) approve your account and send you your custom promotional code.

4. Edit your website with your promotional and affiliate ID links.

Please link to our site with ?Coupon=<your coupon code here> on the URL.

Our Terms. Before signing up, please review our terms of our program. Pay particular attention to our marketing guidelines. We do not want our software sold through any annoying means or alongside any brand-name-damaging products. You must also agree to BlueSnap.com's terms before you can receive payment.

We need your Referrer URL. When you sign up, we will ask you for the URL to the page that promotes your affiliate program. The URL you list should not be your home URL - the reason is that our customers are going to go to this URL potentially to look for a discount or to find out more information about our software. So please list the URL that you will be using to promote our software. Of course the URL can promote your own site or service as well, but do make sure that the page has information about any of our software on it.

Fill out Our Form. Then, you need to fill out the signup form. Be sure and remember your affiliate key. This very important key is necessary to set up your links and configure your discount code. You also have to have it in order to check your account status online.

We Review your Application. After you have applied, we will review your account applcation. Please do be patient as we want to make sure you get set up properly.

Design your page. Please do not wait for approval before beginning to design your pages. We might like to see how you plan to market our software before we approve your account.

Communicate With Us. Feel free to drop us a separate email note if you like. Send a note to Mike Landis directly if you have any questions or need any information.


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