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Mach5 Mailer Troubleshooting

Exchange Server Will Not Send Mach5 Mailer E-mail to External Addresses
My preview has a blank screen and the number of records is 0
Problems Sending E-mail (Mail no getting through, transmission errors)
Mach5 Mailer is crashing / not working properly on my Non-English Windows system.
I get an installation error on my Windows 98/ME system about ODBCCONF.
Mailer gets an error involving MAPI32.dll
Before you E-mail Mach5 Development Technical Support about Mach5 Mailer

Exchange Server Will Not Send Mach5 Mailer E-mail to External Addresses

Exchange Server 5.0 And Later
If you are using Exchange Server to send your e-mail merges, you may experience difficulty sending e-mail to external addresses. If so, do the following: In the Exchange Server Configuration Manager, go to the Internet Mail Service configuration, Routing tab and turn on "Reroute SMTP mail", then press the Add button and add your domain name (in the form 'yourdomain.com'). Select "Should be accepted as inbound" and press Ok until all windows are gone.

Exchange Server 4.0 And Earlier
Unfortunately, there is no such fix for Exchange Server 4.0 and earlier. You should contact your Internet Service Provider and use their SMTP server rather than relying on your internal Exchange server.


My Preview Window is Blank and the Number of Records is showing up as 0.

The connection to your database query is improperly formatted. If you are connecting through Access or ODBC, you must be very careful about building your ODBC connection.

When using an Access database connection, Mach5 now uses ADO, which is a more widely adopted standard for database access formatting. To set up Mailer to connect to an Access query, follow these simple steps:

  1. From inside Access, open the query you need in SQL Mode. Copy that SQL text for the query.
  2. When selecting the data table with the Select Data Table tool, please check the "Use SQL Script" option.
  3. Paste the SQL query text copied from the Access query into the Select Data Table tool SQL query field.
  4. Look through any LIKE operations, and change every * to %. The wildcard for SQL syntax is %, not *.

We are working on automating these connections to make them easier.


Problems Sending E-mail

If you are having problems sending e-mail, it is most likely because of your ISP, not because of Mach5 Mailer.

To prevent spam, most ISPs do not allow you to use their SMTP server if:

  • You are not connected via one of their phone lines (i.e. if you are not using one of their ISP addresses)
  • You may need to send e-mail as a user of that ISP. Some ISPs restrict email based on the from address domain. For example, if you are at mylowcostisp.com, then you may need to have a from address of [email protected].
  • You may need to wait. If you are getting transmission errors, your SMTP server is probably overloaded. Note that you can very easily post process Mailer's log file and make a filter inclusion list of JUST the emails that didn't get delivered, and try again later.

We strongly recommend using a service provider or web host that supports sending appropriate large emailings. Almost ALL web hosting accounts that you can purchase also provide an SMTP server for you to use. We recommend and use DewaHost Hosting, which is one of our business partners. Aside from giving you an SMTP server to use, even on your own dedicated IP address, they also provide fairly low cost web hosting with great service and features.


Mach5 Mailer is crashing / not working properly on my Non-English Windows system.

Problems on non-English versions of Windows arise most frequently because the proper Microsoft components are not installed. These components must be installed to match the language of your Windows installation.

Here are instructions on installing the components directly from Microsoft.


I get an installation error on my Windows 98/ME system about ODBCCONF.

These problems occur when a special library, called the MDAC library, is not installed on your system. This library is present on up-to-date Windows installations and is included in most Microsoft software, including Microsoft Office. We don't bundle it with Mailer because it is rather large and usually already there anyway.

Please uninstall Mailer (or cancel the installation), install MDAC first, and then reinstall Mailer.

To get the MDAC libraries (Microsoft Data Access Components)


Note that you need to download the version for your specific locale / language.


Mailer gets an error involving MAPI32.dll

One possible cause of this problem is running Eudora after installing Mailer. Normally, Eudora replaces Mapi32.dll with its own version of this. You can turn this off in Eudora:

  1. First, make sure Outlook and all other email based applications are closed.
  2. In Eudora, under the Tools menu, choose Options.
  3. Under the option for Eudora MAPI Server, select Never, and then click OK.

Assuming that no other MAPI based client applications are running, Eudora should immediately uninstall its own MAPI32.dll files. You then must restore MAPI32.DLL from your Office or Outlook CD, as described below.

Other programs known to install their own versions of the Mapi32.dll file include CorelDRAW 7 and Microsoft Outlook Express, when you choose the option to make Outlook Express your Simple MAPI client. Restoring the original Mapi32.dll from your Office or Outlook disk should solve this problem.

To restore Mapi32.dll from your Office or Outlook CD,

  1. Quit all running applications.
  2. Under the Start button, choose Find, then Files or Folders.
  3. In the Find dialog box, enter Mapi32.dll in the Named box, and click Find Now.
  4. If you find Mapi32.dll in the Windows\System or Winnt\System32 folder, rename it. Leave the Find dialog box open.
  5. Locate the appropriate file on the Office or Outlook CD

    \Office\WMS\Win98\Mapi32.dll (if you are running Windows 98)
    \Office\WMS\Winnt\Mapi32.dll (if you are running Windows NT)

    and copy it to your Windows\System or Winnt\System32 folder.
  6. In the Find dialog box, click Find Now again to locate the new Mapi32.dll.
  7. Right-click the Mapi32.dll file, then choose Properties.
  8. Clear the Read-only check box, select Archive, then click OK.

You should now be able to start Mailer without getting the error message.

If you don’t use any of the applications discussed above but have encountered this error message, it may be that you have duplicate copies of Mapi32.dll:

  1. Quit all applications
  2. Under the Start Button, choose Find, then choose Files or Folders.
  3. In the Find dialog box, enter "Mapi32.dll" in the Named box, then click Find Now.
  4. If Find locates any Mapi32.dll files in folders other than Windows\System or Winnt\System32 (for NT), delete them.



Before you E-mail Mach5 Development Technical Support about Mach5 Mailer

If you are having trouble sending e-mail with Mach5 Mailer, you should follow the procedures in this document -- they will help us solve the problem. You should only follow the instructions in this document if you are having e-mail problems, and are receiving errors like "E-mail messages could not be sent to one or more of the following addresses...". The information on this page is not applicable if you are having database problems.

Note: the large majority of e-mail sending problems can be resolved by using a good SMTP server

When you contact us, please tell us your operating system version, installed operating system language, database type, and SMTP server type (local vs. external, if external then whatever you know about its configuration).

When you send a mailing, Mailer generates a send log. If you right click in the log window you can save that send log to a file. Please send us that file too. If you are having issues with the local server, it has a separate log. Please send us that log file if you can. Again, right-clicking on the log allows you to save it to a file.




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