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Welcome to Mach5 Mailer!

Before Mach5 Mailer, sending customized e-mail from a database was a major hassle. It either had to be done manually, an impossible task for large mailings, or done using a host of either expensive or inelegant programs. Even though Mach5 Mailer is easy to use, it offers powerful features such as Select by Rules, conditional (IF) statement merging of text, and file attachments.

You can read more about the power of Mach5 Mailer by going through the Demo. This is recommended reading for everyone; Mach5 Mailer is just as powerful as a programming language, and while it's easy to use, you might not think of some of the more advanced techniques.

Registration and Support

The unregistered version of Mach5 Mailer ceases to function after 30 days, and cannot send more than 50 messages at once. Registration is just $99.95, and comes with a 60 day unconditional satisfactin guarantee. You can get first-class customer support even if you're using an evaluation copy. Registered users receive lifetime technical support by contacting us through our website at mach5.com. Please initiate communication with us through our website with any feedback, support questions or issues. We will respond to your inquiry promptly via email.

E-Mail Merge Basics and Topics

Mach5 Mailer Easy Walk-Through Demo

Mach5 Mailer Quick Start Tips

Mailer Quick Start -- Using Excel as data source

Setting up Email Delivery (SMTP Configuration)

Inserting a conditional (IF) statement

Filtering messages when sending and
     Do-not-mail or mail-ONLY lists
     also describes duplicate email detection and prevention

Handling Inbound Email with PopMonger
   Removal Requests, Bounces, Message Failures,
   autoreplies, forwards, surveys, and more....

Using the Mail Delivery Scheduler

Field Types - you can change the field type recognized.


HTML messages and Graphics

Toolbar Elements


DataBase Support

Access and Excel connections

Comma-Separated-Value and Text Database connections

Gold Version: Using ODBC for virtually any other database

Some Recommended ODBC Drivers

Mach5 Subscriber Support - web based subscription management


Gold Version: Advanced Scripting with External Languages

COM interface and command line operation to integrate with other apps

Post-Process Scripting - running a script to pump results back into your datasource


Frequently Asked Questions


ODBC Drivers needed to use Mailer

Libraries that should be installed to use Mailer

DAOJet Drivers needed to use Mailer


Contacting Mach5

Please contact us through our support website with any feedback, support questions or issues. We will respond to your email promptly.



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