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Mach5 Mailer Overview
Powerful Email Merge

Reach your Customers
Streamline your business

Simple yet Powerful
Type it up. Click Send.

Connected Components
Web, Database, and Email

Customized Messages
Individually Generated

Flexible Email Delivery
Fast Send. Easy Scheduling

Communicate Efficiently
Email Marketing Power

Flexible Licensing
Free, Regular, and Gold

Complete Feature List
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Not the best for UCE.

Try M5 Mailer Today!
Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Other Services

Send the Right Message to the Right Contact.

From message format to content, deliver only what's necessary to each specific recipient.

It's all about control. And your customers want it.

Why not give it to them?

Mach5 Mailer gives you the control you need to honor your customer preferences. Let your recipients choose what they want to receive from you and honor it.

Message Format. Mailer's Gold license gives you the ability to choose to send HTML, plaintext, or combination formatted messages to your recipients. So you can ask your customers what formats they want to receive. Do they want messages containing nice layout with graphics? Send the HTML content. Do they prefer simple but informative text content? Send the plain text content. If you don't know, you can always send both formats in the same message, and let your recipient's email client program decide what to display. You can embed a few small image attachments into your HTML and pull the rest of the images from your web server.

Message Content. Because Mailer connects directly to your data, you can conditionally select to send each recipient specific content. And with Mailer Gold's advanced scripting, you can, for each message, conduct additional database queries and iterate through the result. Mailer can generate itemized invoices, purchase lists, itineraries, recommendations, and more.

Attachments. You can add one or more attachments per email message, and only Mach5 Mailer lets your database field specify which attachment or attachments to send.

Even the free license version supports conditional content. So the power is there, when you need it, to get your recipients the message they need to receive.

Want to try our Gold license? You won't be disappointed. All purchases are backed by our 60-day satisfaction guarantee.


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