Mach5 FastStats Analyzer 2.8 is the latest update to Mach5 Development's venerable FastStats Analyzer line of log file analysis tools. Analyzer 2.8 represents a major upgrade of the software's stability, features, and visual look.

We have added four new reports that add to Analyzer's marketing power:

  • Page Views per Day
  • Visitors per day
  • Total Visitor Stay Length
  • Average Visitor Stay Length

Average Visitor Stay Length

All four reports provide vital information, but the last report -- Average Visitor Stay Length -- is perhaps the most intriguing. With the "Average Visitor Stay Length" report, you can gauge how interested your visitors are in your web site.

Vital questions answered by the report include:

  • Is your web site content becoming stale?
  • Did adding that new content keep people interested in your web site?
  • Did your new advertising campaign bring qualified users -- i.e. users who were interested in what you have to offer -- to your web site? (use the Average Visitor Stay Length report in conjunction with the Referrer filter)

We have also added a powerful new feature: Quick Filters, which let you do things like: remove all hits from search engine spiders, or include only hits from the past N days in the report.

Pricing and Upgrading

All registered users of previous versions of Analyzer will be automatically registered for Analyzer 2.8.

Version 2.8 is available in 2 versions. The Gold version, which exports reports in HTML, is $199.95. The Standard version, which has all of the power of the Gold version except exporting, is still an exceptional $99.95.

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