Version 2.81

  • Support for recognizing IE. 6.0 browsers

Version 2.8

  • New exporting of HTML
  • Word export removed
  • Multi-threaded DNS Pages counted as HTM, ASP, CFM, SHTML, CGI, PHP*
  • Graphs export to HTML
  • Flashing problem fixed of graphs and tree view
  • Fixes a crash when "remove first dot" is on DNS
  • multi-threading
  • DNS re-write
  • Large log file crashes fixed
  • Window size and position saving
  • New QuickFilters (Date/Time and Search Engines)
  • New reports: Page views per day, Visitors per day, Total Visitor Stay Length, and Average Visitor Stay Length

Version 2.79

  • Mostly a maintenance release
  • Graphics included in exported reports
  • Bugs fixed regarding time of day
  • Filter problems fixed.
  • Reverse DNS issues solved.

Version 2.76

  • Time of day reports are now consistent
  • IIS-5 Log file format support improved
  • Support for other Apache log file variants included
  • FTP download via wildcards is now fixed
  • Includes reports from previous versions
  • Recognizes Netscape 6 browser in browser list

Version 2.75

  • Fixes some crashes when processing rare log files from IIS servers.
  • Provides statistics for use of the Windows ME operating system.
  • HTTP get on some rare log file folders fixed.
  • Includes support for Windows 2000 and Windows ME in OS lists
  • Fixes a problem in 2.74 where FastStats Analyzer didn't include the reports created in Version 2.73
  • Fixes a problem crashing during certain log files?
  • Includes support for WebLogic log file formats?

NOTE: report settings from 2.74 are not compatible with 2.75 and will not be available. Reports from 2.73 will be saved.

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Version 2.74

  • New logo and product name

Download page

Version 2.73

  • Fixes a bug in reverse DNS lookup Fixes many program crashes during log file analysis


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