M5 Analyzer versus other Log Analysis Software

These tests were performed on 8.8 megabytes of log files. A web site that receives 100,000 hits a day will generate 39.6 mb of data in about half a day.

Tests performed on a Pentium Pro 200 with 96mb of RAM running Windows NT 4.

  FastStats Analyzer WebTrends NetIntellect Hit List Standard
Speed (Mb/min) 241.42 14.4 7.4 1.11
Time to Analyze 100,000 hits (15 mb) 3.7 Seconds 1 Minute 2.02 Minutes 13.5 Minutes

FastStats Analyzer offers more features than any other log analyzer software at a fraction of the price. FastStats Analyzer is quicker, easier to use, more interactive and costs $400 less than WebTrends Log Analyzer.

(Comparison made with Webtrends Log Analyzer 4.5.1.)


FastStats Analyzer

WebTrends Log Analyzer







100-200 MB per minute
(up to 700mb/min on some computers)

10-30 MB per minute
(this is the advertised speed, it's much less in real life)

What would take WebTrends over one day to complete could be done by FastStats Analyzer in only a few hours.

Hyperlink Tree View


No The Hyperlink Tree View shows you, through a graphical,interactive display, how users move through your web site.

Individual Page Referrer Report


No FastStats Analyzer gives you a separate report that breaks down referring URL's by the page on your site that they refer to. WebTrends can only track referring URL's via filters.




FastStats Analyzer allows you to interact with your log file data, while WebTrends produces only static reports.

File Tracking Reports



FastStats Analyzer includes separate reports for file tracking, allowing you to track multiple files and directories at once (but keeping the data for each file separate), while WebTrends requires you to use filters.

Multi-threaded Reverse DNS


(kind of)

FastStats Analyzer will reverse-DNS up to 640 IP addresses at once. WebTrends, to the best of Mach5 Development' knowledge, does not do nearly as many simultaneous lookups.


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