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Want to Set Up your Own Email Server?

If you are on a company network and have a dedicated IP address, you may want to consider setting up your own mail server. Mail servers can be very difficult to set up and manage. Sendmail, Qmail, and Microsoft Exchange are the most common enterprise-level ones. All of these are really difficult to set up and not so easy to maintain.

There is an alternative.

ArGoSoft provides a free- and pro-version mail server which is small, easy to set up, fairly straightforward to administer, and reliable.

ArGoSoft works with Mailer

Best of all, ArGoSoft works great with Mach5 Mailer. Here are instructions for how to set that up.

  1. Download ArGoSoft Mail Server FREE from their website

    You can read more about it also if you like.
  2. Install ArGoSoft Mail Server Free on your machine.
  3. If the blue ArGoSoft icon is NOT in your system tray (bottom right hand of screen) click the Argosoft Icon on your desktop. Ignore the 'Relay turned off by default' warning.
  4. Once you see the blue ArGoSoft icon in your system tray, right click it and select 'Options'.
  5. On the 'General' Tab, click the Red checkbox after the 'DNS Server' field. This will autodetermine your DNS server. Accept the value it finds.
  6. Click the box next to 'Allow Relay' so that it is checked.
  7. Select the 'Ports' Tab. Change the 'SMTP' value to 587.
  8. Select the 'SMTP Authentication' Tab.
  9. Click the box next to 'Enable SMTP Authentication' so that it is checked. Choose a SMTP Username and Password. Enter them into the SMTP Username and SMTP password fields. Make sure you enter your password in the 'Confirm Password' box as well.
    Click Ok.
  10. You must restart the Argosoft SMTP server for these new settings to take effect. Right click the Blue Argosoft icon in the system tray and click 'Exit'. Click the 'ArGoSoft Mail Server' icon on your desktop to restart the SMTP server.

    ArGoSoft is now setup to send your mail!

  11. Open Mach5 Mailer 4.5. Open an existing Mail Merge or Create a new one.
  12. Once you are in the main window of Mach5 Mailer 4.5 click 'Mail', then
    'Program Options'
    Click the radio button next to 'Use SMTP Server' to select it.
    In the 'SMTP Mail Server' field, enter
  13. Choose ESMTP as your 'Authentication Method'
    Enter the username you chose while configuring ArGoSoft Mail Server into the 'Login' field. Enter the password you chose while configuring ArGoSoft Mail Server into the 'Password' field.
    Click 'OK'.
  14. Mach5 Mailer 4.5 is now configured to send outgoing email via Argosoft Mail Server!

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