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There are literally tons of books and web resources to help you with website design. Rather than replicate the great content already available, we've instead compiled some resources and advice on site design relevant to our specific area of expertise: site analysis.

Every good site design should be backed by site analysis. You can use analysis to determine if changes you make to your website are effective (A/B analysis). You can measure your site's overall success at leading visitors toward some goa (scenario analysis)l. You can measure usability, track errors, and with the right combination of site structure and integration, track return-on-investment for advertising campaigns.

If you want to master site design, you may want to check out some of our book recommendations on the subject.

Analyzing Web Site Visitor Trends

In order to improve your website performance, it is important to know where your visitors come from and what your visitors are doing. As you work to improve your website, regular site analysis can let you know if your site design efforts and search engine ad placement expenses are worthwhile.

Measuring Step-by-Step Progress with Scenario Analysis

If your website has an overall goal, you may want to set up a scenario to see how users progress through that goal. Read about ways to use scenarios to measure your website performance.

Determining if a Change is Effective with A/B Split Testing

Any change you make to your website should be backed with solid metrics. In this section, you can learn about how to conduct a test to measure change effectiveness. You'll also learn about statistical significance, and timing of site changes.

Layout and Design Guidelines for Webmasters

If you want to make a change, what direction should you go in? This report outlines and summarizes results from a comprehensive study on the effectiveness of different site layout options. It's a must-read for every webmaster.

An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

(coming soon) Submitting your sites to search engines, along with planning your paid search results, is a critical step in your site implementation. Start on the front end with a site design suited for good search engine optimizaiton, with clear landing pages, meaningful content, and a good solid service to provide.


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