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Exchange Server Will Not Send Mach5 Mailer E-mail to External Addresses
Problems Sending E-mail
Before you E-mail Mach5Software Technical Support about Mach5 Mailer

Exchange Server Will Not Send Mach5 Mailer E-mail to External Addresses

Exchange Server 5.0 And Later
If you are using Exchange Server to send your e-mail merges, you may experience difficulty sending e-mail to external addresses. If so, do the following: In the Exchange Server Configuration Manager, go to the Internet Mail Service configuration, Routing tab and turn on "Reroute SMTP mail", then press the Add button and add your domain name (in the form ''). Select "Should be accepted as inbound" and press Ok until all windows are gone.

Exchange Server 4.0 And Earlier
Unfortunately, there is no such fix for Exchange Server 4.0 and earlier. You should contact your Internet Service Provider and use their SMTP server rather than relying on your internal Exchange server.


Problems Sending E-mail

If you are having problems sending e-mail, it is most likely because of your ISP, not because of Mach5 Mailer.

To prevent spam, most ISPs do not allow you to use their SMTP server if:

  • You are not connected via one of their phone lines (i.e. if you are not using one of their ISP addresses)
  • Most important: you must send e-mail as a user of that ISP. For example, if the Mach5 Software marketing team wants to send an e-mail to all of our clients, we must use an e-mail address If we were to send an e-mail with the From: field set to a non address, our SMTP server would reject every e-mail message.

The moral of the story is to use an From: address or If you are still having problems and are connected to the Internet through an ISP other than the one used for the SMTP server, you should connect to the ISP you are using for your SMTP server.


Before you E-mail Mach5 Development Technical Support about Mach5 Mailer

If you are having trouble sending e-mail with Mach5 Mailer, you should follow the procedures in this document -- they will help us solve the problem. You should only follow the instructions in this document if you are having e-mail problems, and are receiving errors like "E-mail messages could not be sent to one or more of the following addresses...". The information on this page is not applicable if you are having database problems.

Note: the large majority of e-mail sending problems can be resolved by reading this document.

  • First, launch Mach5 Mailer, and click cancel until you are in the main Mach5 Mailer window. Click Help and then About.
  • If you have a version before 1.35, you must download a version after 1.35 (the latest version can be obtained here). If you have a version of Mach5 Mailer after 1.35, you do not have to download the latest version, but it is a good idea -- we may have fixed your problem in the latest version of Mach5 Mailer.
  • The reason why we want you to have Mach5 Mailer 1.35 or later is that we have created a special debugging file that allows us to figure out exactly what is going wrong.
  • This debug file is called 'smtp-log.txt', and is created and initialized each time you launch Mach5 Mailer. It is stored in the main Mach5 Mailer directory, which should be 'C:\Program Files\Mach5 Software\Mach5Mailerl\', unless you changed the directory when you installed the software.
  • Run Mach5 Mailer and send e-mail to a few addresses. If you are consistently having problems with certain addresses, please include those in the debug e-mail send. Close Mach5 Mailer.
  • Attach the 'smtp-log.txt' file to an e-mail message to We'll figure it out and get back to you.


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