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How Do I Configure Mach5 Mailerto Work With Microsoft Excel?
If I Use Mach5 Mailer to Send anE-mail Message to 100 People, Will Person X See All of the 99 Other Recipients?
How Does The Trial Version of Mach5 Mailer DifferFrom The Full Version of Mach5 Mailer?
Does Mach5 Mailer Work With AOL?

How Do I Configure Mach5 Mailer to Work With Microsoft Excel?

Mach5 Mailer can work with data imported from Microsoft Excel files. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up Mach5 Mailer:

1. Create your Excel file. Your Excel file must be in a special format. It's easiest to give an example:

Example Microsoft Excel Screenshot
A screen shot of Microsoft Excel

The first row in the spreadsheet must be the column names. After that, you should list the appropriate data for those column names.

2. Start Mach5 Mailer by clicking Start, Programs, and then Mach5 Mailer E-mail Merge.

3. Select Create a new e-mail merge and click Ok.

4. Click Browse. At the bottom of the Browse dialog, click the Files of type drop-down box and choose Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets (*.xls). Select the Excel spreadsheet you want to use in Mach5 Mailer and click Open. Click Next.

5. If you were using Microsoft Access, Mach5 Mailer would display a list of all of the "tables" in the database. For Excel files, Mach5 Mailer regards the "sheets" of the spreadsheet as tables. Here are two screen shots of Excel and Mach5 Mailer.

A screen-shot of Microsoft Excel
A screen-shot of Microsoft Excel.
A screen shot of the second screen in the Mach5 Mailer setup wizard.

If you don't know what sheet to select, you should select "Sheet1$ (Table)". Most people do all of their work in Sheet 1.

Click Next.

6. Enter in data about the e-mail merge. You will be able to change this later on.

7. Compose your e-mail merge.


If I Use Mach5 Mailer to Send an E-mail Message to 100 People, Will Person X See All of the 99 Other Recipients?

No. Mach5 Mailer sends a separate, customized, e-mail to each person on your mailing list. Each person who receives a message sent with Mach5 Mailer will think that he or she received a personal e-mail from you.

Note: no one will think that they have received a personal e-mail from you if you start the e-mail by saying "Dear Customer"! This is where Mach5 Mailer's advanced customization features come in. Try including the person's name in the subject or in the beginning (i.e. "Dear <<Name>>,"). 


How Does The Trial Version of Mach5 Mailer Differ From The Full Version of Mach5 Mailer?

The trial, or unregistered, version of Mach5 Mailer is exactly the same as the full, or registered, version of Mach5 Mailer, except for these two important differences:

1. The trial version of Mach5 Mailer will append a message along the lines of "This message sent with an unregistered version of Mach5 Mailer...". We recommend that you send test e-mail messages to yourself and a few co-workers, and then register Mach5 Mailer and send out your full mailing.

2. The trial version of Mach5 Mailer will stop working after 30 days.


Does Mach5 MailerWork With AOL?

No, Mach5 Mailerdoes not work with AOL. Mach5 Maileruses Internet standard SMTP servers to deliver your e-mail messages. AOL uses their own proprietary e-mail protocol. We recommend that you obtain a SMTP account. Your local Internet provider will provide you with both Internet access and SMTP service for, most likely, around $20 a month. In addition, services such as Juno also provide you with a SMTP server, though we have tested Mach5 Mailer with Juno. 


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