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Why Upgrade to Version 4.5?

Mach5 Mailer 4.5 with PopMonger 4™ is the latest upgrade to Mach5 Development's venerable communication tool. Mailer 4.5 represents a major upgrade to the software's stability and features. Version 4.5 not only fixes issues, but dramatically enhances the capabilities of Mailer and adds full Windows 7 support.

Mach5 Development offers robust discounts on upgrades.  60% of your original purchase price is discounted for Mailer 1, 2, and 3 customers upgrading to Mailer 4.5.

Mailer 4.5 is a completely free upgrade for Mailer 4.x users

Mailer 4.5 is more robust than ever and adds..

  • Full Support for Windows 7 and Vista
  • Pause / Resume Mailings, even across system reboots
  • ODBC and Database improvements
  • Auto-Configuring SMTP with SSL/TLS and ESMTP support
  • Many small fixes and improvements
  • Includes PopMonger 4
Mailer 4.5 also includes all of the great features of Mailer 4. Click to see them!
  • HTML Import. Upload your mailing and graphics to a webserver, and load it directly into your mailing with correct image tags.
  • Thread Throttling. Now you can precisely control how many emails go out in any given time period.
  • Global Exclusion List. Set up one "do not email" list for all your mailings.
  • Customizeable From and Reply-To. Now you can pull the From and Reply-To names and email addresses from your database.
  • Per-Mailing Exclusion and Inclusion Lists: Makes restarting a halted mailing easier.
  • Exclusion List Extra Fields: Now you can have extra information in your inclusion an exclusion tables, such as a date of subscripton, which will be disregarded in the list handling.
  • Startup configuration improved.

Mailer Gold Improvements:

  • Precise Header Control. Inside your script you can change any mail header (except X-Mailer). Easily add your own mail headers.
  • Per-Mailing Format Control. Use your script to honor recipient preferences to send either HTML or Plain Text or both. Each recipient can get what they want.
  • Port Control. Send email to SMTP ports other than port 25, if your SMTP service provider provides access on other ports and your ISP blocks port 25.

Scheduler Improvements:

  • Periodic Sending: Send an email batch every hour or every 5 minutes if you want.
  • Fixed Daily Mode Scheduling: Guarantee that a mailing will start at a certain time every day.

PopMonger Improvements:

PopMonger has been completely rewritten, but it is still free. As a standalone program it can:

  • Poll any single mail account (POP3, IMAP, or MAPI)
  • Apply complex filters to incoming email and add the sender's address to any text-based list
  • Easy Setup Wizards for subscription requests and message failure handling
  • Track Dates Store event dates in lists
  • Clean your inbox. Optionally delete messages from the inbox

PopMonger is designed to be used with Mailer. With a registered (not necessarily purchased, since Mailer 4.5 can be free also) version of Mailer present, it can also:

  • Poll Multiple Accounts
  • Redirect or reply to email to different mail accounts using Mailer's sending preferences
  • Scripting. With Mailer Gold registered, Process arbitrary PHP, VBScript and JScript scripts
  • Survey Processing. With Mailer Gold registered, parse survey responses and add results to a database (as coded up in your script)
Click here for the Complete Version History

Just want to try version 4.5? You can install the Mailer 4.5 trial and even register Mailer 4.5 without uninstalling or interfering with Mailer 3 or previous.

Your Upgrade Discount

How much does it cost to upgrade?
Not much.
We credit 60% of the original Mailer 1, 2, or 3 license price towards your Mailer 4.5 upgrade.

Upgrading to Mach5 Mailer 4.5 is easy and inexpensive. All you need All you need to do is log in to your My Mach5 page and click the upgrade link.  If you can't find your login information, let us know by sending as much information from your original order as you can remember, and we'll do our best to look it up for you.



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