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FastStats Log Analyzer: Quick and Affordable web site statistics through log file analysis

You can find an archive of the updated versions of the XML configuration files here. Simply download this zip file and extract the contents to a folder. It contains the following files:

browser.xml - enables recognition of browser strings (user agents)
os.xml - provides recognition of operating systems
searchengines.xml - search engine recognition
spider.xml - search engine crawler recognition

After you extract the files you will need to copy them to your Fastats Analyzer configuration directory. You can find that directory by opening up FastStats Analyzer, looking under the "Global Options"at the Misc. Options selection.

These files will be overwritten each time you install an update to FastStats unless you rename the files according to the instructions in our Analyzer Manual. If you make any custom changes to these files, you may want to make your own local copy of them.

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