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Free Mach5 Autorun - CD Installer Helper Application

  • Make a CD with multiple packages on it - your customers can easily pick which package to install.
  • As easy as making a web page. In fact.. it is the same as making a web page!
  • You can run your installer application or open documents by simply putting an HTML style link in your layout.
  • Freely distributable on your CDs, free of adware, spyware, or other rotten mess.

Mach5's autorun can take a simple web page and make it drive several installers or other content on your CD. Documentation for how to set it up is in the zip image. If you need the source, drop us a note through our contact form and we'll work something out, but it's pretty simple. This is exactly the same program that drives our own installation CDs.

How to Create an Autorun CD: Mach5's freeware cd autorun creator program opens up an IE control with width, height, and initial page (home page) to load all pulled from an ini file. It patches the "install:" protocol in the IE control to launch a general file from your CD. It can be any file or document to open. In our example CD image, we replaced the applications with simple text files to demonstrate. That's it! That's all it does.

Hopefully this application will save you some time!   

        CDInstaller.zip, 160K, contains an example cd image.

Thanks for dropping by....

Mike Landis
Chief Manager, Mach5 Development

Licensing: Mach5 freely releases the right to distribute its Autorun software on CD for the purposes of installing content on that CD. An autorun CD Installer example package incorporating Mach5 AutoRun, however, should not be distributed. In addition, Mach5 does not release the rights to distribute its AutoRun program or an example CD Installer package that includes Mach5 AutoRun on other websites.

P.S. - If you use this little app, we'd appreciate a link back here from your site, but that is not a requirement. ;)


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