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Mach5 Mailer Help Docs -- Toolbar

Toolbar Elements

Each of the toolbars can be "torn off" if you find it more convenient to have them in a separate small window. To tear them off, click and drag the double bars to the left of the toolbar to where you want the window to appear. If you want to reinsert a toolbar window back into the toolbar, just drag the window and drop it back in the toolbar area where you would like it to appear.

Main Toolbar

New: Generates a blank Mach 5 Mailer E-mail merge file.

Open: Opens a previously saved Mach 5 Mailer E-mail merge file.

Save: Saves the current Mach 5 Mailer E-mail merge document.

Refresh Database: If you change the contents of a database with Mailer still open, this command will cause Mailer to re-read your database to get the latest contents.

Information: This will allow the user to change the setup of the Mach 5 Mailer E-mail merge, bringing up the original Message Information dialog box. You can change the name of the person sending the message, subject, from-address, reply-to address, return-receipt requirement, and the field in your database that specifies the message recipient.

Send: This function sends the email merge to all of the recipients listed in the database. This will display a status box and show the overall progress of the mailing. It's good to preview your message before sending, and if you are using HTML messages, please send yourself a test message first to a mail system off of your own computer system and outside your network to make sure that your message will appear correctly to your recipients. "Free" web based email accounts are very useful for viewing test messages.

Options: launches the Mailer options dialogue, which allows you to set sending preferences (local or remote server), text editor options, application startup options and failed message options.

Help: Takes you to the online version of these help documents.



The bookmarks are useful for remembering places in your editing session that you will need to go back and fix or change later. They are also useful for marking reference points in your document.

Toggle Bookmark: This allows the user to place a bookmark on that line of the e-mail, so that it is easier to find later on.

Clear Bookmark: This will delete the bookmark on the current line, if one exists.

Next Bookmark & Previous Bookmark: These functions allow the user to skip through the document to the next or previous bookmark.


Editing Operations

Cut: This function removes the selected text from the document and places it on the Windows clipboard, for use in Mach 5 Mailer or in other Windowsª programs.

Copy: This function copies the selected text from the document and places it on the Windows clipboard, for use in Mach 5 Mailer or in other Windowsª programs.

Paste: This function allows the user to place text from the Windowsª clipboard into the Mach 5 Mailer document at the current point, or over the current selection.

Erase: This will delete the selected text from the Mach 5 Mailer document.

Undo and Redo

Mach5 Mailer supports unlimited undo and redo capability.

Undo: Reverses your last editing operation. This can be used multiple times, in a series.

Redo: Undoes your undo. It will perform the same operation that was undone previously. You have to use it right after your Undo operation however.

 Search and Replace Find:

This feature allows the user to search the document for a specific text string. You can use bookmarks also to help you locate lines in your editing window that may need work later.

Find Next: This is used in conjunction with the Find feature; to search the document text for the next instance of the text string specified the last time the Find function was used.

Replace: This function will search the document text for a text string, and replace that text string with another text string. This is useful for changing all of the instances of a specific text string in a document.

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