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Making a mailing to send customized email messages with Mach5 Mailer is remarkably easy. Just follow through the topics on the left, and you'll see just how easy it can be!

Combining ease of use with powerful customization capabilities, Mach5 Mailer is simply the best solution for sending information to your contacts.

And remember, Mailer is backed with unlimited technical support via our website , as well as a full 60-day unconditional satisfaction guarantee. Got any questions? Just let us know.


Mike Landis
Chief Manager
Mach5 Development

Mach5 Mailer Quick Start

Going through this very short tutorial will get you up and going with Mailer, ready to do your own mail merges, and will give you neat ideas you can use later when you plan your own merges. We're going to walk you through every step to sending your first test mailing. Just 15 steps, from setting up, through defining and entering your data, to sending!

Before you Begin - Choose your SMTP Server

Mail on the internet is delivered through what is called an "SMTP server." Before you start using a mass email program like Mailer, you should decide who (or which server) will deliver your e-mail after you send it. We recommend using a dedicated SMTP server. Mailer has its own internal server, but there are some cases where using any internal server on your machine to send directly will not work. If you do not know your "SMTP Server settings," which are the same settings you would need to set up your "Accounts..." under Outlook or Outlook Express, then you may want to go research that information from your system administrator or web service provider before you get started.

Please also note that your Internet Service Provider may have restrictions on how much email they wish to send for you. What's more, many ISP SMTP servers are badly overloaded. However, most web hosting providers, the people that host your website, also provide SMTP server facilities. Using your web host's SMTP server is almost always your best choice.

Getting Started with Mach5 Mailer

Let’s create a simple email merge using the simple and elegant text database function built-in to Mach5 Mailer.

Step 1: Open the program and if the program is unregistered click "ok" to close the Evaluation Version dialog box.

Step 2: Select "Create new e-mail merge" and click "ok."

Mach5 Mailer pulls data, such as names and addresses, from a data source, which is either a text file or a database. To set up a simple datasource:

Step 3: Select "Use text-based data source (*.csv, *.txt)" and click Next.

Step 4: Select "Create new CSV file", hit browse, and make a name for your new csv file such as "Simpletest.csv". Make sure and enter the ".csv" file extension. You can save the file in your "My Documents" folder or wherever you wish. Hit save. Click Next.

Step 5: Fill in your information on sender, email address, subject and reply-to. You must use valid email addresses. These should be your email address, or where recipients can email. You don't know the field name for the "To:" field, or the destination email address yet, because you haven't defined your data source. We'll do that later. Click "Next".

You do not have to fill in the To: field either; this field is the name of the person that will appear next to their email address in their inbox.

On the General Information dialog box, you can define what character set you wish to use, along with the scripting lanugage you would like. For English, the defaults are fine. Click "Finish."

One-Time Setup - Configuring Your SMTP server

Step 6: Click the "Mail" menu and choose "Program Options." Make sure the "Use Remote Server" button is checked, and enter in the address of your SMTP mail server. This is the same address that you would type into Outlook Express when doing "Accounts..." setup. If your server requires authentication, click on the "Settings" button and enter that info. NOTE: If you are on a cablemodem or consumer service provider, you may want to set the number of threads to 1 since your provider may restrict the number of mail connections made at once.

Mailer will remember your mail sending settings, so you do not have to repeat this step again.

Defining your Data Source

Now you are ready to create your data fields and enter your data. You are now looking at the Mach5 Mailer email editor. Select the "edit data" tab on the bottom of the blank screen.

Step 7: First we’ll create some data fields. Click on the "Add column" button on the right side of the screen. Name the column with "name" (no quotes). This is your first data field. Add another column by clicking the add column button again on the right side of the screen. Name this column "email" (no quotes).

Step 8: Click "append row" on the right side of the screen to add a row to your table. Add as many rows as you want for your first test email merge.

Step 9: Now fill in some random data. Use your tab key to move from one field to another, or use your mouse to move your cursor to a new data field, just like you would in Microsoft Excel®, or your favorite spreadsheet program. If you want to edit data already in a field, just double click on that data, or press the enter key. It’s a good idea to use valid email addresses so that you can see what your mail looks like after you send it. Tip: You can also edit your text data source file in NotePad.

Step 10: When you are done adding data, do "Save" under the File menu and name your email merge as "Mailer Quickstart."

Step 11: Create your message for your email merge. Select the "Plain" tab at the bottom of the Mach5 Mailer email editor.

Step 12: Insert fields. Type "Dear" and then select the "insert field" button. You will see a drop down menu of names of the data fields. Select "name"; you will see "<% [name] %>" appear in your text field.

Dear <% [name] %>

Type your message and insert any of the data fields you created using the insert field button again.

You can go back and add more data fields or modify your data by selecting the "Edit data" tab at the bottom of the Mach5 mailer email editor.

Step 13: Specify "To" address. Remember since you defined your data after you created your initial mailer information, you didn't know what column you were going to be using for the 'send to" address for your mailing. In the "To" field at the top of the email editor, select the data field corresponding to the intended recipient’s email address.

Step 14: Preview. When you are finished editing your message and your data, select the "Preview" tab at the bottom of your screen. You can step through and examine each message with its own unique data. If you want to change how the message looks, select the "plain" tab to edit your message.

Step 15: Press the "Send Mail" button in the toolbar. Watch them go!

If you would prefer a more detailed walkthrough of the process of setting up and using mailer, feel free follow the instructions in this section .

For information on using Excel as your data source, see "Using a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet as your data source."


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