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Mach5 Mailer Help Docs -- Index

Setting up email delivery (SMTP Configuration)

For a more detailed overview of message sending go here.

Under the Mail menu you will find the options menu item (Mail->Program Options). There you can configure Mailer to use either the local / internal or remote SMTP server.

If you select SMTP (remote) server, simply enter the address of the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server. You can find the server address for your remote server by looking for the SMTP configuration of your email client. It usually looks like smtp.your-isp.net.

If you click on the settings button you can enter more information, such as your login name and password to connect to a mail server. By default Mailer will automatically try to choose the most secure connection method that your server supports with SSL if it is available. You can click the 'Test Connection' button to make sure the connection is working properly. Plus, it has neat little graphics in there that are cute to watch when you click that button.

You can force the use of a specific type of connection if you wish.

In the main sending options window (above) there are some settings that govern how Mailer uses the mail server.

Operation Timeout governs how long each thread waits until it gives up trying to send the message. After a message fails to send Mailer adds it to a list of messages that it needs to try again.

Number of threads determines how many messages Mailer tries to send at the same time. Some mail servers only like you to try messages one at a time. Default is 10. If you set the threads to 1, you can tell Mailer to wait some seconds between sends. You can use these settings to control or limit sending rate too.

Retry Failed Connections determines how many attempts Mailer will make to deliver the message to the remote server. The interval between retries determines how long Mailer will wait between each batch of message sends, to give the remote server a chance to catch up. In general you should not need to change these settings, but if your remote server is slow, you may want to increase the number of retries and the interval between retries.


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