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Creating a New Text Data Source

Now you have to open or create the data file to use with the mailing. If you create a new one, it will be blank.:

You will need to create a new file and "Browse" for where you want to save it. After you browse to the right place, give it a name. Mailer will automatically add the "csv" extension if you don't put an extension. After you have named your file and return to the above window, click "Finish" to move on.

You can choose what you want to use for a separator in your datafile. The separator will mark the boundaries between columns in a row, like this for example:

  Name, Email, Comment
Mike Landis, mailer -at- mach5.com, Really loves Mailer
Derek Carr, support -at- mach5.com, Awesome Support

These two rows each have three columns, with a header row in front to label the fields.

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