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Open Mailing
Data Source
New Database
Message Info
General Info
Main Window
Delivery Setup

CSV Setup
CSV Editing
Edit Body
Save & Send!
Post Processing
Other Features

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The Main Window

The main Mailer window has lots of panes for controlling, editing, and previewing your mailing.

Tearing off the windows

Each of the panes is a tearoff window. You have to de-maximize Mailer to try this by clicking on the button in the toolbar top-right. But after you do this, you can grab the two vertical bars of any tearoff pane by pressing and holding the mouse on them and drag out of the window. You can do that with the toolbars too.

The menus contain setup and display commands, some of which you can see on the toolbars. Below the toolbars is the message information you entered earlier, and below that, the edit and preview area.

Notice at the bottom are some tabs for switching between different views and edit modes.

We'll go over the different parts of the window now and tell you what they do. Then, we'll edit some data, make a message, and send it! But first we have to set Mailer up to send messages.

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