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Mach5 Mailer Help -- Options

Mach5 Mailer Program Options

Sending: The sending options should be set up in order to send mail. Other options outlined below:

Text Editor Options

Autowrap: This allows you to set whether or not your lines automatically wrap (Check "Enable text auto-wrapping" box). Set your line width -- where the line starts a new line -- by specifying the number of characters in the "automatically wrap text at __ characters when sending." 60 or 70 characters is the recommended setting.

Enable line concatenation: Joins together lines that don't start with a space (indentation), which makes conditional statements easier to write in Mailer.

Startup Options

Skip Wizard at Startup If you are an experienced user, you may choose to bypass the help wizard for setting up an email to your customer database.

Do not check for .m5m extension means that when you go to open a file, Mach 5 Mailer can either only show you files with the .m5m extension or show you all files.

Mail Options

Prevent Duplicate Emails - Mailer will send using the first record in your database for each email address.

Global "Do-Not-Mail' list - Mailer will never send to emails on this list. It needs to be a text file, and can have fields as long as they are tab separated. The email field must be first. PopMonger, for example, puts the date of an unsubscribe request after the email address to make building a 'do-not-mail' list easier while maintaining documentation of the unsubscribe date.

PHP Settings (Gold Version) If you are using PHP as a scripting language, tell Mailer where your php.exe file is.

Log File Directory - you can change where Mailer puts its sending logs.

Editor Preferences

You can set the font for Mailer to use by default in the plain text and HTML pane editors. If you don't specify one, you get your standard Windows fonts.

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