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Mach5 Mailer Help Docs -- Scheduler

Using Mach 5 Mailer Scheduler

The scheduler included with Mach 5 Mailer can be used to automatically generate and send an e-mail merge at a specific time only once, or it can be cycled to generate and send an e-mail every few days, hours, or minutes.

The main Scheduler window will list the tasks set to run, the current status of those tasks, the last time each task was run, and the next time the task is set to run. Tasks can be sorted by any of these fields. Clicking the "+" next to the listed task will show the Mach 5 Mailer Document associated with that task.

You will need to leave the Mach5 Mailer scheduler running in order for it to send mailings.

Add Task

This is the main dialog box in the Mach 5 Mailer Scheduler. This is used to add a mailing to the schedule. In the "Scheduled Task" box, enter the name you would like to give to this event. In the "Project File" box, enter the path to the Mach 5 Mailer Document. Next, select the date and time (using a 24 hour clock) at which you would like the mailing to be sent. If you select "Cyclic Mode" the task will run at that interval.

Delete Task

This will delete the selected event.

Task Options

Use the Task Options button to change the settings for an already existing task. You can set the options for a task by first selecting the task and then clicking the "options" button. The settings of only one task can be changed at any one time. The Task Options button will show the results of previous times when this task was run, the last time it was started, the last time it was finished, the initial start time for the event, the name of the Mach 5 Mailer document associated with the event, and the name of the event. The "Failed Messages" tab gives the option to delete any failed messages, rather than trying to resend them.


This function will minimize the Mach 5 Mailer Scheduler to the system tray. Since you must leave the scheduler running all the time in order for it to work, this option gets the Scheduler window out of the way of your other work.

Note that you can place a shortcut to the Mailer Scheduler in your "Startup Items" folder and start Mailer automatically, should you need to shut down or restart your computer. We recommend doing this if you have a cyclic schedule.

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