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Mach5 Mailer Help -- Access Databases

Mail Merge Information Window

This dialogue box allows you to edit your email merge when you have an open document. You can change the recipient fields, sender, reply to, subject line and whether you get a return receipt.

Note that you can put database fields in the "To" and "Subject" areas by typing in the correct syntax. For example, in the "To" area you could type "<% [Name] %>" to insert the data in the Name field of your database.

You should always specify a valid reply-to email address as well as a valid from address for your mailings. If you're worried about getting flooded with failed messages, you can use PopMonger to check your mailbox for failed messages before you check it manually.

Message Information when creating a New Mailing

If you are looking at the message information dialog box while you are creating your CSV based mailing, the email pulldown will not be available. That's because you haven't created your database yet, so Mailer doesn't know what field name will contain the e-mail address at this point. After you have created your data source, you will have to come back and choose which field contains the email address. Here's what the window looks like if there is no data source defined yet:


General Settings: Languages and Scripting

While the Regular version of Mailer has very capable and easy to use scripting capability that can handle conditional text and filtering, Mailer Gold includes the ability to use very powerful programming languages in your mailings. Visual Basic, JavaScript, and PHP are enterprise-level programming languages with unlimited capability.

In addition, Mailer supports encodings in foreign character sets, while still allowing older character sets to be used in headers so that email can be routed worldwide. The general tab of the Mail Merge Information dialog box allows you to choose the message encoding and scripting language for your mailing.

For more information on how to set up and use external language scripting, please refer to the documentation of scripting plugins.

Mailer also supports a Post-Send scripting capability to "Execute the following script after each message send attempt".

List Restrictions

Mailer has the capability to set up per-mailing and global list restrictions (do-not-email or email-only lists). These lists need to be text files and may have tabs in them (tab-delimited files with other data are okay). The email address to include or exclude, however, must be the first field in the list.

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