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Mach5 Mailer Help Docs -- Undeliverable Messages

Mach5 PopMonger™ - List Management Made Easy

PopMonger™ searches a POP email account and examines it to build a list of email addresses that you should not send to. We call this list an "exclusion list." You can configure PopMonger to add messages to your exclusion list for you, so that you don't have to manually remove them from the database. Or you can use the exclusion list to remove matching records from your database, or mark them so that you will know not to deliver messages to these addresses.

PopMonger works independently of Mach5 Mailer, but it is also integrated with Mailer for easy mailing list management.

A note about SPAM

Mach5 software is not licensed for sending SPAM, or more formally, unsolicited commercial email. We consider SPAM to be any email that is not read by a human on reply. PopMonger is also not licensed as a spam assist tool. The email you send must contain valid, personal contact information. The more common definition of SPAM is more formal: Your recipients must be expecting to receive mail from you. You must provide them a way to change their email preference simply, you must abide by this preference. Our feeling is that if you provide personal contact in an email and violate one of the more formal rules, you'll learn pretty fast by reading the responses! If you spam, please don't buy our software, and don't use PopMonger to process your unsubscribe requests.

Installing PopMonger

If you installed Mach5 Mailer, then PopMonger is already installed. You can find it under your Start Menu's Program Files, in your Mach5 Mailer group (unless you put Mailer somewhere else).

If you downloaded PopMonger separately, it doesn't need an installer. PopMonger is a relatively simple program, and you can run it from wherever you download it. You can put the program wherever it is convenient for you to find, or place a shortcut to it in your Start Menu's Program Files if you wish.

Here's how to use PopMonger™

There are basically 4 steps to managing message failures and unsubscribe requests easily:

  1. Set up PopMonger to check your reply-to email box.
  2. Start PopMonger running.
  3. Always before checking your reply-to email box personally, run PopMonger manually to grab any message failures.
  4. Database Maintenance. Use the list produced by PopMonger to clean or filter future mailings.

Step 1: Setting Up PopMonger

PopMonger is a separate program which can run independent of Mailer. It now has its own documentation.

Step 2: Running PopMonger

When PopMonger first starts, it doesn't load your last configuration by default. You need to do this manually by choosing "Load Configuration" under the File menu.

Just click "Start" and that's it! You can hide the program to get it out of your way, and just leave it running in the background if you want.

Step 3: Manually checking your mailbox

Before you look for personal replies to your email, just click on PopMonger's "Start" button. Even if you have PopMonger scheduled to run every hour or so, PopMonger will check now. If there are no messages, then you'll be notified.

When PopMonger is running in the background, it doesn't annoy you with notification that there are no messages there for it to filter.

Step 4: Performing Database Maintenance

If you are using Mach5 Mailer, you can point Mailer directly to the exclusion list that PopMonger produces. See the documentation on list restrictions for more information on how to do this in Mailer.

Mailer will not send to any email on the exclusion list, even if it is in your database.

If you are not using Mach5 Mailer, then you may be required to perform database maintenance in order to integrate the failed delivery or unsubscribe requests into your contact database.

If you need to clean your database, there are a variety of ways to do that, depending on what kind of database you are using. If you are using Excel, you could process the exclusion list with a macro and have it mark a column in your Excel database that indicates that the email address is bad or that the customer has unsubscribed. If you are using an Access or other database, you may have to write a script or program to process the list manually.

You can then use Mailer's powerful Filter mechanism to filter your list based on the contents of the database.

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