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Mach5 Mailer Help -- List Restrictions

List Restrictions

Mailer has the capability to set up per-mailing and global list restrictions (do-not-email or email-only lists). These lists need to be text files and may have tabs in them (tab-delimited files with other data are okay). The email address to include or exclude, however, must be the first field in the list.

Set up the per-mailing list restrictions in the Mail Merge Information window:

Mailer also supports a global "do-not-mail" list under the Mailer Options window. Choose "Program Options" under the "Mail" menu and click on the Mail Options tab to use a global do not mail list.

Note that you can also enable duplicate detection. Mailer will send a message to the first record it encounters in the data source and will skip subsequent records that have the same email address field.

Any post-process scripting will still run for these records unless you have the option checked to run the post process script if the message was successfully sent.

You can use both per-mailing restrictions and also the global do-not-email list at the same time. An address that is on an "email ONLY" list will not be emailed even if it is on the global do-not-email list.

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