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Mach5 Mailer Help Docs -- Filter Rules

Sending to Specific Recipients

Setting a filter for your data source will allow you to send your message to specific recipients in your database. For example, you can create a message and only send this message to the recipients with an address in the USA. This will also allow you to use the same database when sending to all of your contacts, as well as when you are only sending to a specific group of recipients. You can exclude all records that match your filter, or alternatively, you can include only the records that match your filter, so that recipients can be selected to receive the message, or selected to not receive the message.

To , simply access the IF dialog box under the Data Source menu and enter your filter expression.

The Build Filter button is available to assist you. This contains the options to Insert an IF Conditional Statement to select recipients without having to know the syntax needed. Click "Build Expression" and "First Filter ". A dialog box comes up (the same one that allows text or fields to conditionally be included in your message, but with part of it "grayed out".)  Put in your first condition by selecting the field, the comparison to be made, and the comparison value, and click Insert on that box. Then you may build up your expression using "AND with existing" and "OR with existing" until you are done.

Note: Make SURE your text pointer insertion point is at the end of the text in the IF window before you add to the expression, so that it will get added properly.

Alternatively, you can type the filter directly into the dialog box if you wish, once you are familiar with the syntax.

Use the date format YYYY-MM-DD when defining a filter on a date type field.

If you have difficulty matching the desired field, you may try changing the type to "string" with the field types option under the Data Source menu.

Once you have finished setting the conditions for the filter, clicking Set will apply them to the database.

When you preview your merge, you can see which messages are included or excluded on an individual basis before you send. If a recipient is excluded, there will be a message in bold at the top of the preview window to let you know that the message will not be sent to that recipient.

Do-Not-Mail or Mail-Only List Restrictions

You can also set up list restrictions (a do-not-mail or a mail-only list) to control your sending.

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