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Mach5 Mailer Help Docs -- Field Types

Field Types

The type of a field dictates how comparison operations and formatting will work for the field. Mailer currently supports 5 field types: String, Logical, Date, Numeric, and Currency. To change the field type, double-click on the field type for the field you want to change and a pull-down menu will appear where you can make a selection.

The String field type is the most common. Comparisons occur in lexicographic ordering, as the way entries are ordered in a phone book. The String field type also supports the Is Empty and Is Not Empty conditionals.

The Numeric field type preserves the formatting that is present in the database. Comparisons of numeric values treat the values as numbers, not as text strings. If a numeric field doesn’t contain numeric data, the comparison is discarded.

The Date field can include simple dates in your mailings. Date comparisons should use the format 'YYYY-MM-DD'. Fields in the date format, however, will be displayed as dates, and not a cumbersome looking date –time timestamp if the field is imported from a database and includes a time.

The Currency field type is for numeric data coming from your table that you wish to treat as a currency amount. Currency fields are in fixed precision format with two decimal places. The currency character is not included in how the field is printed, so you can choose your currency type.

The Logical field type can deal with Yes/No types from Microsoft Access. It is not good for much else. It can also handle numeric data, interpreting it as a boolean or logical value. Everything that is not FALSE (or No) is TRUE, including all numeric values are TRUE. It should be that 0, empty fields, 'No', and 'FALSE' are valid values for FALSE with everything else TRUE, but we're working on that. Only use it if you are wanting Access compatibility right now.

Mailer’s field type handling is very basic. Please make sure that field types have proper formatting in your preview before you try to use the database with Mailer.

Field type information is NOT stored in the database. It's stored in the Mailer project file. So if your data definition changes, you may need to reset the field types. Also note that if you copy the database from one place to another, the assigned field types do not get copied with the data. Mailer stores your field type choices in the Mailer project file.

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