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Mach5 Mailer Help Docs -- Undeliverable Messages

HTML Import

When you send an HTML message with graphics in it, most of the graphics should be pulled directly from your webserver. Since you need to upload these graphics anyway, you might as well use your favorite HTML editor to compose your mailing and upload that to your server as well.

To make it easy to include HTML in your malings, you can use the HTML Import function to download the content off of your webserver and put it in your maling.

During HTML Import, Mailer adjusts the image tags in your mailing to make sure they are all complete URLs that pull directly from your webserver. It also inserts a BASE tag which indicates the root of the document for any other relevant relative URLs that happen to be on your page. If that sounds technical - don't worry too much about it. Just know that Mailer "fixes" your HTML when pulled from a webserver, so that it will work in an email message.

All you need to do to use the HTML import function is go to the File menu and choose "HTML Import." Put into the field the URL web address of the page you want to pull into your mailing. Mailer provides convenient buttons for opening up your web browser to a set of template resources that we have provided, and also provides a convenient button to launch your web browser to the URL that you specify.

Once you've got the right URL, simply click on the Import button.

After you do the import, you can insert fields in the HTML you just imported. As a suggestion, put placeholders in your HTML like "Dear NAME" and then you can see in your HTML code where you need to replace NAME with an inserted field. You can, if you wish, type the field insert Mailer syntax directly into your mailing as well.

A word of caution to Gold users scriptiing with PHP: Just remember that your webserver may attempt to execute the PHP on the server side from your web page. So if you do put field placeholders inyour mailing, you may want to use Mailer's internal scripting syntax for that. To see what to insert, just make a new mailing with Mailer and choose the Mailer scripting language, and insert your fields into that blank mailing. You can copy and paste that script code to your HTML if you wish.

Note: Mailer will replace the contents of your HTML pane with what you import.

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