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Mach5 Mailer Help Docs -- Attachments


Mach 5 Mailer can attach a file to your e-mail message. The file will be transmitted, uuencoded, to the recipient, and you can embed the attached file in the HTML portion of your email message as well. With Mach 5 Mailer, you can get the filename of the attachment from a field in the database, or by entering the direct path to the file.

To attach a file to your email, simply click the Attach File button and enter the path or click the Browse button and find the file. You can also select the second option for attaching a file, and get the name and path of the file from a field in the database.

It is also possible to open this dialog box by going to the Mail menu and selecting Attach File, or by hitting CTRL-E on the keyboard.

Embedded Graphics in HTML - Gold Version

Mach5 Mailer can embed graphics in HTML to send them along with the message, rather than having them reside on a web server somewhere.

Simply attach the graphic first.as a file attachment above. Click on the "This attachment will be displayed within HTML mail" checkbox, and give the graphic a unique content-id (unique to the other items in your email message, such as image1). If the content-id is "image1" (100x50) then in the HTML body of your message you can include the graphic with this HTML code:

<img src="cid:image1" width="100" height="50" border="0">

Be very careful with the size and number of attached images, however, so that your message size does not become burdensome to the receiver. Keep your message well below 100K in total size, including the size of any attached graphics.

See more guidelines and information in our HTML and Graphics section

Tip – Different Attachments to Different Recipients

What if you want to send different attachments to different people? You can use your database to compute the name of the attachment to use. You can set up a computed field in your database that depends upon the content of other fields and chooses the name for the attachment. Then, in Mailer, you can attach a file from a field in your database.

Using the Gold version and advanced scripting, you can treat the attachment filename as a string, and perform operations on it such as concatenation and string replacement. Mailer's attachment function is just a regular function defined in whatever scripting language you are using. Here is an attachment statement in Javascript, for example:

mailer.attachFile( rootPath
   + mailer.fields("PortraitFilename"));

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