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M5 Subscriber Privacy Policy

Mach5 will not share your data

Under no circumstances do we share data maintained by our M5 Subscriber service with anyone but those who signed up for and can log into our service. Please protect your login information and passwords to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

Need opt-in emails? Do not ask us to purchase our customer's Mach5 Subscriber data. We will not sell it to you at any price.

We will share M5 Subscriber data only with legal authorities and only as directed by a subpoena from a court of law. We do not currently share our data with any third party partners in providing this service either.

Mach5 will not share your own account information

Except as required by law, Mach5 will not share your own account information or contact information with any third party not listed explicitly here in this agreement (who may be working with us to provide service). Currently we have no third parties with which we need to share information. Should we add a third party service provider, we will provide you with 30 days' notice, so that you can decide whether or not you will trust them.

Please note that, which processes orders for our service, is just our own DBA. and Mach5 Enterprises are the same company. You may receive emails from if you purchase service from us.

We will not release account information to individuals listed in your database under any circumstances, even with your explicit permission to do so.

We will remove information about individuals listed in your database if directed to do so by those individuals, but we will provide you notice if such a request is made.

Passwords Encrypted

Mach5 does not store your account password in our database, and we cannot tell you your password. We can reset it for you and tell you what the new password is, but we do not have access to your account passwords except in a one-way form encoded by the md5 algorithm (which isn't very useful).

Data transferred between Mach5 and our Customers should be encrypted

Please access our site through SSL using https:// URLs to guarantee the privacy and integrity of your data. Our site has a valid SSL certificate provided by GeoTrust. You are welcome to access our site via http without SSL, but doing so may compromise your data. All links to our data from within our site use SSL.

SSL may be hacked or compromised through means beyond our control, and unfortunately we can't prevent such occurrence. You agree to release us from liability associated with stolen data.

Cookies and Tracking

We use cookies on our site to implement account login and also track user behavior on our site with cookies. When you log in, the cookies on our site technically would allow us to associate your site visit with your actual user account information, but we don't use that capability. We do track and analyzer aggregate visitor behavior though, in an effort to provide good service.


This policy is mentioned in our usage agreement and is governed by the laws of the State of Tennessee in the United States, which shall be the governing jurisdiction for any claims made against or by Mach5 Enterprises, LLC.

Change of Terms

You will be given 30 days notice through email of any changes in the terms of this privacy policy. Continued use of the service will indicate acceptance of those terms. You agree to cease using the service should you no longer be able to comply with the terms.





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