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With reports on over two dozen topics, and unparalleled speed and features, the standard version of Mach5 Analyzer is powerful enough for most jobs. However, we know that a select group of customers demands more. For those customers, we have created Mach5 Analyzer Gold.

Mach5 Analyzer Gold has the following features in addition to the breakneck speed and power of Analyzer:

  • Exporting of reports for printing.
  • Silent report generation -- ability to export from the command line in windows servers

Analyzer Gold produces sophisticated HTML reports from Analyzer data. These reports are perfect for publishing on the web, or printing for distribution to a boss, co-worker, or clients. The reports present data in text and graphically and include tips for users of all technical skill levels. (Preview a sample report.)

Silent report generation lets you use batch scripts to automatically generate reports -- say, to run a report every night at midnight, or to generate a colorful HTML report for each client.

Analyzer versus Analyzer Gold

Feature Analyzer Analyzer Gold
Speed? no difference no difference
Customizable? yes yes
Graphic interface for tracking visitor experience? yes yes
Silent Report Generation from the command line no yes
Report Export in HTML only General Statistics and the Hits per Day report Exports 29+ reports
Price $99.95 $199.95


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